5 Low-Cost Places to Visit while in Central Coast Vietnam

Central Coast Vietnam hosts an array of spectacular features on its beachfront and inland. Are you looking for a holiday destination with a difference? Central Vietnam is the place to be.

Old coastal cities, ancient museums, magnificent landscapes, cuisines in the garden are among the diverse options you experience during your trip. The culture, biodiversity, exciting sceneries, and entertainment spots in this country explains the fun-filled experience in your trip.

Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Dong Hoi, and Qui Nhon are among the best cities to visit while in this part of the continent.

Why plan a visit to Central Coast Vietnam

  • Several travel options including using a cruise ship and air cable
  • Best entertainment spots for nightlife
  • Eat, eat and enjoy the Vietnam delicacies
  • Affordable travel options including visa fee waivers from European nations
  • Luxurious accommodation among others
  • Unique and magnificent sceneries at the coast and the rural parts

The places to visit…

  1. Nha Trang

This recreational city renowned for long beaches, car cable network to reach the Hon Tre Island, luxurious resorts and natural reserves, serves as the travel destination for tourists who want a touch of nature and modernity at the same time.

Within the city, a giant religious site serves as a tourist destination for people who love culture and religious domination. Its central location aids in easy reach to other tourist destinations.

In just one package, you may not even exhaust all the places because of time. It’s the best place to be when working with a friendly budget, yet you have the time.

  1. Da Nang

You have escaped the harsh winter season and just want to enjoy the sun at the beach. Da Nang welcomes you to its sandy beaches, historical museum-learn about the colonial history of the city- affordable resorts, among other features.

Its view lies within the high-end accommodation facilities, which are also a tourist destination. The architectural design of the resorts explains the influx of tourists to the facility.

Along the streets, you are treated to street painting and affordable souvenirs to carry home as a memory of the exciting experience in the city. Most of the resorts face the ocean; you get to view the large cruise and cargo ships- what a way to appreciate aquatic nature.

Entrepreneurs never miss the point in Vietnam with their beginner tutorials in scuba diving as well as deep-sea fishing. As an experienced marine tourist, you may not exhaust the activities the beach management has to offer.

You don’t just have a view of the cave but a real-time experience on the religious activities- Buddhism- associated with them.

  1. Mũi Né 

The popular wind systems you learn in a Geography class is practically seen in this part of Southern Vietnam. The long stretch of the sandy beaches with popular winds blowing onshore and offshore provides a secure environment for onshore and offshore sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing.

It’s a part of the continent with spectacular desert-features but still in the coastal strip- what an irony. As you sail north of the strip, you get to see the sand dunes, play with the huge sand features as the strong wind blows along the area, and just enjoy the cools breeze.

As you sail parallel the beachfront, you can’t fail to see the common mangrove forest, an example of the marshland vegetation. When exhausted with the ocean view, then take a nature walk through the mangrove forest and get to understand the diversity in flora and fauna- the city blessings.

As you get deeper, you are climbing a mountain without noticing; the road ends at the Prince’s Castle, a tower with a rich history of the colonial times. At this point, so many questions run through your mind. How did they manage to build right deep in the forest at that time?

Who maintains it despite the many years of its existence? What ifs and so on and so forth. Local tourists love it as a short holiday or weekend getaway destination.

  1. Vũng Tàu

Are you an entrepreneur and love to experience investment options oversees? Vũng Tàu should be among your must-visit places. The port city with a mountain view provides the best business conferencing facility for investors to explore where to devote their hard-earned money.

Talk of beating two birds with one stone, you are out there having a relaxing moment, but your brain is also at work on the magnificent investment opportunities to explore. The beach rides, ecotourism walks, cultural trip, and well-built infrastructural development for tourists is a wakeup call for tourists with a business mind.

The mountain in itself is a tourist destination, several sculptures, a lighthouse with a stairway, and a campsite is a complete definition of a natural tourist site.

  1. Hue

Are you bored with the common religious destination, and you want a difference? Hue is the ultimate option. The 19th-century dynasties, shrines, royal theatres, palaces, empires complete with an old age perimeter walls are a perfect match.

Its location just a few meters from the beachfront provides an exciting beach experience that any tourist wishes to have. Talking of culture, the seven empirical tombs, the 16 monastic, and sculptural temporal designs invite you to the cultural trip. The open-air eateries give you a difference in cuisine serving.

You get to have a taste of the local dishes in the affordable yet classy restaurants. It’s time you don’t want to think of the harsh effects of eating unhealthy meals, thanks to the appetizing and tasty dishes.

Apart from just the international tourists, the tourism department has affordable packages for the locals who are looking for a place to spend their day in the form of trips.

Just from the glimpse, Vietnam serves as an all-round tourist destination. Be it a cultural trip, business trip, road trip, holiday destination, and weekend getaway; you have unlimited options for your choice.

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