Triem Tay community-based tourism village being put into operation

Triem Tay community-based tourism village (Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province) has officially been opened to welcome tourists since June 13.

Triem Tay community-based tourism village is under the project of sustainable and responsible tourism development in Central Vietnam, with the support of the UNESCO and International Labour Organization (ILO). It takes about 10 minutes to go to the Triem Tay village from Thanh Ha pottery village by boats or just 5 minutes from Cam Kim and Kim Bong carpentry village (Hoi An city) by roads. It is an ideal place for walking, sailing, flying kites, weaving sedge mats and planting vegetables.

More than 30 households voluntarily set up their own organization called Triem Tay agricultural co-operative including 7 service groups: food, art performances, gardening, sailing, craft village, accommodation, tour guide.

According to Vice Chairman of Dien Ban district’s People’s Committee Nguyen Xuan Ha, the local tourism development, especially community-based tourism, connecting to socio-economic growth aims to promote the role of the local residents in this field to improve their income.

Deputy Director of Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Tan Cuong said the model of community-based tourism in the villages of Bho Hoong, Dho Roong (Dong Giang district) and Triem Tay of the province is also a way of connection in the community, raising the awareness of protecting ecological resources, environment towards sustainable growth. The village is attractive to tourists now. In March 2017, Triem Tay community-based tourism village was honoured as the ASEAN Community-Based Tourism.

There have been students and voluntary youths at home and abroad coming to the village to give free medical examinations, instruct organic agriculture, organize free English classes and so on for the local residents. It is the start for Triem Tay people to benefit by tourism, toward stable and sustainable development in coming time.


Source: Quang Nam Tourism