“ Truc chi – Stories of the river ” Exhibition

To introduce a new, different kind of art that combines between traditional and contemporary elements to the public and tourists with the love for art, as well as to diversify the activities at the gallery, Danang Art Gallery collaborates with Truc Chi Vietnam to organize an exhibition with the theme: “Truc Chi – Stories of the River” 2017.

The art pieces at the exhibition are done by 10 artists of the Truc Chi Art Project Vietnam in more than 3 months of 2017. Previously, “ Truc Chi – Stories of the River ” was displayed at Goethe, Hanoi (July, 2016).

*Opening: 17h00 on 30/09/2017 (Saturday)
– Talk with artists: 18h30 on 30/9/3017
– Experience: from 01/10/2017 to 05/10/2017 (Morning: from 8-11, Afternoon: from 14-17)
– Closing: 17h30 on 14/10/2017

Location: Danang Art Gallery – 78 Le Duan, Hai Chau , Danang


For more information, visit Danang Department of Tourism.