New Year Eve Neon Party at Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar

Waterfront presents “New Year Eve Neon Party” Featuring thousands of glow sticks, glitter galore and plenty of drinks.

Glow make up available till 10pm - More details coming soon but there will be no place you will rather be!

Our dj for the night=> DJ J-WATT
Hailing from the hedonistic UK free party scene in the late 90’s, J Watt’s formative years were spent immersed in a glorious mix of acid house, jungle, dub reggae and techno beats. Emerging from this scene with an almost disabling addiction to funk & disco picked up somewhere along the way, J Watt has forged his unique sound into an uncompromising fusion of electronic funk where the beats are large, the bass is deep and the funk is free - flowing.

Our musician for the night=> RUMSHOT
Rumshot aka firmann is a Singaporean selector, musician & sound system operator.
He will play along DJ J-Watt some live percussion all night long!

Massive stage and extended bar to assure better/faster service to our guests on this special night!
More surprise coming during the night!
Book your table to secure your spot (English: 01284517714 – Vietnamese 093 5411020)!


For more information, visit New Year Eve Neon Party at Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar​.