Hue Festival 2018


Building on the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development; Hue – one destination, five World Heritages”, the 10th Hue Festival will be held from April 27th to May 2nd, 2018.

Hue Festival 2018 is regarded as the succession and also the affirmation of the reputation of the nine previous ones. It will be held to commemorate cultural and historical milestones of Vietnam and Thua Thien Hue province, particularly, 230th anniversary of the Nguyen Hue Emperor's Coronation at the Ban Mount (1575-1788); 25th anniversary (1993-2018) of UNESCO recognition of Hue monument complex as a World Cultural Heritage Site; 15th anniversary of UNESCO recognition bestowed on Hue’s Court Music as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (2003-2018).

The event will showcase stunning art performances representing different cultures of Vietnam and dozens of countries in the world. It will especially offer the audience the quintessence of Hue’s cultural and artistic values, inspired by UNESCO-recognized world heritages including the Complex of Hue Monuments (1993), Royal Court Music (2003), Woodblocks (2010) and Imperial Archives (2014) of the Nguyen Dynasty and the poetry on Hue royal architectural works (2016). A variety of superb traditional and contemporary art performances will be staged inside the Citadel, An Dinh Palace and other open venues within the city.

Hue Festival 2018 will continue to re-enact the imperial life in a mysterious ambience of the spectacle “Hue Royal Inspiration” together with programs introducing the quintessence of Hue folk arts and royal art, including Buddhism cultural events, the national competition of  “Hát văn” or “Chầu văn” (spiritual singing) and  street performances themed “Cultural Colours”. Also, a wide range of stirring programs and community events including exhibitions, traditional sampan racing, kite flying, calligraphy demonstrations and displays, installations, street arts, conferences, workshops, international trade fair, sporting activities, cuisine fair and sightseeing tours, etc., will be taken place during the six days of the Festival.

Hue Festival 2018 awaits travelers from near and far with enjoyable and inspiring experiences.


National competition of ritual singings “Chau van and Hat van”  Provincial Center for Culture & Information 19:00 26/04 - 29/04
Nam Giao Offering Ritual  Nam Giao Esplanade 03:00 27/04
Grand Ceremony  Noon Gate Square 20:00 27/04
Street Parades “Colors of Culture”  An Dinh Palace 16:00 28/04
“Roots” – Trinh Cong Sons Music Program  Phu Van Lau 19:00 28/04
Royal Hue's Essence  Hue Citadel 19:15 28/04
Street Parades “Colors of Culture”  Cultural Center of Hue City 16:00 29/04
“Echoes from the Perfume River” Spectacle  Trinh Cong Son Park 20:00 29/04
Street Parades “Colors of Culture”  Provincial Center for Culture & Information 16:00 30/04
Royal Hue's Essence  Hue Citadel 19:15 30/04
Street Parades “Colors of Culture”  Ham Nghi Yard 16:00 01/05
Ao Dai Show  Quoc Hoc Square 20:00 01/05
Spectacle “Enlightened Faith”  Da Vien Park 20:00 01/05
Closing Ceremony  Noon Gate Square 20:00 02/05
     Fringe Activities      
Medical Research and Training   Whole day 29/03 - 02/05
Vietnam Science Festival on Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 2018: “Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders – Updates on Diagnoses, Treatments and Follow-up”   Whole day 31/03 - 01/04
Photo exhibition: “The Poetry on Hue royal architectural works presenting in Truc Chi Art”   08:00 25/04 - 30/06
Hue International Cuisine Festival 2018  Thuong Bac Park 19:30 25/04 - 02/05
Conference on developing tourism products of Thua Thien Hue Province,   08:00 26/04
Exhibition: “Colors of Bat Trang Ceramics”   14:30 26/04 - 02/05
Exhibition: “Nguyen Dynasty’s Medical Office in the World’s Documentary Heritage”   15:30 26/04 - 30/06
International Trade Fair 2018  Thua Thien Hue Sports Center 17:30 26/04 - 02/05
Exhibition: “Hue – One destination, five world heritages”   Whole day 27/04 - 02/05
“Orchids and Bonsai Display”  Co Ha Royal Garden, Imperial City 08:00 27/04 - 02/05
Health Sciences improving Medical Care and Community Health  Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy 08:00 27/04 - 29/04
Kite Flying  Ham Nghi Yard 13:30 27/04 - 02/05
Vegetarian cuisine court “Friendly environment – Happy life”  Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center 17:00 27/04 - 02/05
The festivity "Rural Market on Festive Days"  Thanh Toan roofed bridge, Huong Thuy Town 07:00 28/04 - 02/05
Hue Beer Festival  3/2 Park 11:00 28/04 - 01/05
Human Chess Games  Da Vien Park 15:00 28/04 - 29/04
Children's Fiesta "Colors of Childhood"  Hue Children's House 17:30 28/04 - 30/04
International Seminar: “Hue Folk and Imperial Cuisine”,  Imperial Hotel 08:00 29/04
“Fragrances of an Ancient Village”  Phuoc Tich Village, Phong Dien District 19:00 29/04 - 01/05
Hue Poetry Festival  Tu Tuong Park 19:30 29/04
“Thuan An – Allure of the Sea” Festivity   20:00 29/04 - 03/05
“Sibirskye Uzory” Folk Dance Ensemble, Novosibirsk (Russia)  Tu Tuong Park 19:30 30/04
Korean Cultural Space  Quoc Hoc Square 20:45 30/04
 Exhibitions, Displays, Installation Art      
Kites Display  Cultural Center of Hue City 09:00 27/04 - 02/05
Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), Exhibition “The French-speaking Comics Today”  Hue Cultural Museum 16:00 27/04 - 27/05
Display of “Antiques of Buddhism practice”  Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center 16:00 27/04 - 02/05
Display and tasting of 100 dishes of Hue and Vietnamese cuisine  Interior Ministry, Imperial City 18:00 28/04 - 02/05
The procession of vintage Volkswagens on the main streets: “Hue - the gathering place of cultural and tourist events”,   08:30 27/04
Beach Soccer Open Cup   15:00 27/04 - 01/05
“VTF Men’s Futures” Tennis Tournament   17:30 28/04 - 20/05
Sampam Racing  Ly Tu Trong Park 07:00 02/05
     Art Programs      
Korean Cultural Space  Hue Cultural Museum 09:00 28/04 - 01/05
Kaloob Philippine Music & Dance Ministry  Noon Gate Square 17:30 28/04
Artist Gwendoline Robin, Delegation of Wallonie-Bruxelle, Belgium   18:30 28/04
“Sounds From the Northern Winds”, Denmark  An Dinh Palace 19:30 28/04
Ranranga Dance Academy, Sri Lanka  Thanh Toan roofed bridge, Huong Thuy Town 19:30 28/04
Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, China  Quoc Hoc Square 19:30 28/04
Vietnamese Timbre  Dien Tho Palace 20:00 28/04 - 01/05
Viet Bac Folk Ensemble  Tu Tuong Park 20:45 28/04
Bong Sen Traditional Music and Dance Theatre  Quoc Hoc Square 20:45 28/04
Duong Chan Troi (Horizon) Group  An Dinh Palace 20:45 28/04
Ranranga Dance Academy, Sri Lanka  Noon Gate Square 17:30 29/04
Pambil, Colombie  Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy 18:00 29/04
“Sibirskye Uzory” Folk Dance Ensemble, Novosibirsk (Russia)  Can Chanh Stage - Hue Citadel 19:30 29/04
Bong Sen Traditional Music and Dance Theatre  Thai Hoa's Eastern Stage 19:30 29/04
The Moroccan musical troupe of Gnaoua “Majid Bekkas”  Kien Trung's Stage 19:30 29/04
Berywam, France  An Dinh Palace 19:30 29/04
Dak Lak Ethno Ensemble  Phuoc Tich Village, Phong Dien District 19:30 29/04
Noa (Achinoam Nini), Israel  Quoc Hoc Square 19:30 29/04
Duong Chan Troi (Horizon) Group  Thai Hoa's Western Stage 19:30 29/04
Folk Ensemble Urpín, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia  Phu Van Lau 19:30 29/04
Ranranga Dance Academy, Sri Lanka  Thanh Toan roofed bridge, Huong Thuy Town 19:30 29/04
“Sounds From the Northern Winds”, Denmark  Thai Hoa's Western Stage 20:45 29/04
“Phaka Lumduan”, Thailand  Can Chanh Stage - Hue Citadel 20:45 29/04
The Central Cultural Palace of Mongolia  Kien Trung's Stage