Coffee in vietnam

Today those who love coffee they don’t just take any coffee but they have specialized to Vietnamese coffee. This might sound strange to you who do not know the beauty of taking should not bother you too much since I have a cure for you. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee worldwide .where most of it comes from Southeast Asia are the best coffee ever which are smooth and delicious. What if you are there looking for the best coffee don’t be left behind since below are the specification of Vietnamese coffee which will help you solve your problem.


The coffee industry was established and introduced by the Dutch and France. They also introduced the culture in southern Asia back in 1890. They came up with different production places and site in mountainous Annam region of is in this region and other places of Vietnamese that the France and the Dutch that used the weather and landscape of slopes combination to come up with a different microclimate that was within a given area that can be seen. Each type of coffee was crown by a different type of microclimate that could favor its growth. This is because of different climate change depending on the side in which it faced, such that the slope from the north side could experience different climate from the slope from the southern side of the same mountain. Due to this reason, different coffee beans can be crown from a different side of the mountain depending on where it can do better. This makes it be the best and the sweetest coffee in Vietnamese since it can be made from different types.


Gourmet image to be the best of all especially when it is made from different types of the modern day many people prefer Robusta or Arabica coffee which is not blended. Through the rating from the customer, they have proven that different customer has different like of the different species. The best thing is that when those people that love gourmet coffee test this blended Vietnamese coffee they fall in love with it to an extent they forget about it. Despite that this combination of coffee brings the different flavor, it also gives a refined smell to the nose and an addictive test that one keeps on longing for it. The best thing with this coffee is that it gives the body satisfaction in both scent and taste to those who use it.

Roasting method

This is another fact that makes the Vietnamese coffee more special is how it roasted. This is almost the same to the French roast method which is the original one. This method uses a low temperature that the coffee beans are roasted slowly (they are not burned like the way most modern are done). Burning the beans slowly gives a dark color without any burning or fizzy spots. If the beans are burned or roasted at a high temperature, its flavor is lost since the fat and the sugar that is found in this bean is broken down easily which make it lose its test and flavor. hence for one to preserve the flavor you need to roast the beans at a low temperature which help it to preserve the flavor and the test making it more presentable which is done in Vietnamese coffee that gives it a test which is a secret from most modern coffee drinkers.


Vietnamese coffee is greatly improving in the market especially to those who love gourmet coffee with the help of an espresso machine that is good enough for you. If you have been wondering where to the best coffee with the best flavor and best test try Vietnamese coffee today and enjoy the best coffee ever

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